Update downloaded...by mistake

Hi team!

I accidentally downloaded an update on my ATV1. I currently have OSMC running 16.1…so assume it is the latest.

Is there a way of deleting the downloaded update by ssh?..as I am pretty sure when I power off and on it will update automatically and will brick my box…unless of course there IS an update beyond 16.1 compiled Nov 22 2016…


OSMC doesn’t run updates on boot, so you will be fine.

Thanks Sam…is the 16.1 Nov 22 2016 the latest and last build?

Its just on the download section I can see 2017.08.01 and was wondering what build this is?

Thanks again!


It’s not the latest, but if memory serves it is the latest build with hardware acceleration.

Thanks…so with my teeny brain on…does this mean later builds do no NOT have hardware acceleration? Will this result in a poorer viewing performance. I have the Broadcom card installed if that helps?



The card isn’t used in newer versions

So…to put this to bed…if I update to the very latest and last build does this mean it will not play 1080p…as in the Broadcom card will not work?




Tried with latest version today…and no 1080p support…so reverted back…



Yes – as mentioned above, the latest versions of Kodi weren’t compatible with CrystalHD.

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