Update error

Been getting the “Add-on error - check the log for more information”

Managed to update to kodi16 by finding sudo codes in the forum and ssh into it - had hoped the update would have fixed it but no.

Uploaded log EYEBEYEKEY

PS this unit can not select 23.98 refresh rate like another thread on the forum

This log can not be found, please provide full URL.

Ok, found it at http://paste.osmc.io/eyebeyekey (assuming that is yours.

Did you enable debugging? Your logs don’t show any entry for any update/addon error.

Enabled logging under kodi - system - logging

Assuming its the right place new logs have been uploaded:


I am really wondering what is so hard just pasting the right URL http://paste.osmc.io/lomaralepo would save people from retyping the upper case into lower case

But I can not see that you have activated debug logging nor can I see any trial for update/addon.

Please see section “Providing diagnostic logs” in http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/

First of all I find it quite humerous that you can find the time to write a whole a paragraph about what annoys you compared to the the 10 letters you would have to type

Second, when your socalled user-friendly Vero spits out the log upload it is in CAPITOL letters and since it is on a TV screen there is not that many options of copy and pasting

Third, after enabling logging and rebooting it can now run the update procedure even after disbling the logging again, so thank you for your help