Update Error

I updated my device (Rasberry Pi 2 b+) a few days ago and it reported “Update failed, report this on the blog”, and it might as well have bricked it. The device shows the screen, it accepts input from the network, as I can still use my phone as a remote control (the pi is physically on the network that the phone is wi-fi connected to), but it refuses to accept that any devices, whether directly plugged in on USB, or NAS on the network exist. This is extremely frustrating, as its entire reason for existing is to be a media player for media stored on the NAS device. It remembers the addresses of the devices it should connect to, but when asked to connect “Server not found” when all the other devices on the network can find the server without any issues. Again this is extremely frustrating. I don’t want to have to reinstall from scratch, as I would then loose all the settings I’ve set (and subsequently forgotten). Help.

First I moved your post to a new topic as you replied to a two year old announcement.
Secondly if you are still able to connect via network I suggest to connect via SSH and provide Logs via grab-logs -A and providing the displayed URL