Update error

Hello, today I notice on my Kodi home screen update error. I restart and have that error on my tv:

I have OSMC installed on Raspberry pi 2.

Potential SD card failure. Can you still read the card in your PC?

Hi, thanks for answers. SD-CARD still works on my laptop.

Well if you have another spare card my suggestion would be to try a clean install on the spare card. If that works you could copy the .kodi folder from the old one.

Hi, today I plug in sd-card to raspberry pi and everything was OK. Also upgrade went fine so problem solved :slight_smile:

You sure about that? You could have a card that went wonky and is now intermittent. Are you overclocking?

Hi, I see still that error when I reboot but system works. I don’t overclocking.

Try a new sd card.

OK, Thanks