Update failed halfway, can't boot anymore


I tried to update OSMC today, but it got stuck at some process at 74%. It was like that for 2 hours and then i decided to restart it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I kinda knew i will break it, but i had to do something. Anyway, it doesn’t boot anymore. No errors, not nothing, just black screen.
SD card is fine. I can access it via reader.

So my question is, is there any way to salvage settings and apps? I also have samba installed here and it would take me hours to redo all of it.
I could backup all files now, reinstall osmc and copy important files back. Or, maybe there is update folder or files that i can delete so rpi will not try to execute them. Whatever works.

Any help is appreciated.

You would need a Linux system (eg live CD) to access the ext2 partition to backup your files.
Not sure why you mention the samba server. That should not require any configuration just install from APP Store.

First try to rescue what is possible but then before you reinstall on the same SD card I suggest to test the card in depth before

alterntively to using a linux system you can use this software from disk-internals to read-only ext2-4 parttitions. So you can read the contens of your card in windows and copy .kodi directory or other stuff you want to backup

Hope this helps

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I have mentioned Samba because there are sharing and users configurations that i can’t really repeat. I would probably have to reconfigure user settings on PC that access shared folders.

Anyway, i have lost my patience and decided that i will just redo everything. It will take time, but it will also take a lot of time to recover from before.

Linux reader was able to read some files, but too many files were unrecoverable.

Thanks guys. Thread can be closed now

Did you test the SD Card before you are doing a reinstall on it?