Update Failed - Told Me To Post Here

I had OSMC RC. I read about RC2 being out. Not being familiar with OSMC and it’s update feature I did a:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
Some modules were updated and some were held back. Then I found the update feature in OSMC. I did a manual update. It failed and told me to post here. I did the manual update a couple times and I think it worked. cat /etc/os-release indicates Release Candidate Two. I think I’m updated, but not sure. I posted here mostly because OSMC told me to.

If you’re doing it manually from the command line you should do dist-upgrade not upgrade.

If /etc/os-release says RC2 you should be on RC2.

dist-upgrade is new to me. Is this particular to OSMC? I’ve always done upgrade with Raspberian, as I was instructed in a book I bought. What’s different about dist-upgrade? Thanks for your time.

dist-upgrade is not specific to OSMC it is a general APT command the difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade is that upgrade can’t install anything new just upgrade existing but dist-upgrade can install new stuff for when a new dependency is added.

Exactly right. We don’t just upgrade existing packages with OSMC updates, we sometimes add additional dependencies so that additional packages get automatically installed, so if you do upgrade instead of dist-upgrade the upgrade process will fail or be incomplete.

Given what I’ve read here, as well as reading man apt-get (on another distro, osmc doesn’t appear to have man), it looks like I always want to use dist-upgrade instead of upgrade for any distro. Are there ever times this is not the case?

I assume the Updates function in the menu is the preferred way to upgrade osmc. Is there any time this is not the case?

Thank you for all your assistance.