Update failes due to insufficient space


I’m really happy with my Pi2 with OSMC, it rocks. Recently though I can’t install the latest update due to a insufficent space error using the OSMC updater. I’ve got an 8Gb SD that should be large enough I suppose, memtioned in a previous forum topic. When i look under Storage I see the following:

  • /dev/root 6,8 Gb, 4,2Gb free, /
  • /dev/mmcblk0p5 79Mb, 26M free, /boot
  • /dev/mmcblk0p1 114Mb, 90M free, /media/RECOVERY
  • /dev/mmcblk0p3 27Mb, 25Mb free, /media/SETTINGS

I did not to any tuning or adaption. Anyone any idea what might be wrong?

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That doesn’t look like an unmodified system to me.
An unmodified install to SD card would have just 2 partitions, whereas you show at least 4.
Additionally the default /boot would have (nominally) about 240M with most of it free - that is probably why you get the insufficient space message.

Hello, thanks for the quick reply. I installed the noobs image from scratch and truly didn’t any modification (except for Kodi settings from the system interface). Is it possible (for example) that the sd cards size wasn’t detected correctly during installation and partitions with smaller sizes were created? I really can’t explain this.

Mentioning NOOBS is sufficient to explain the situation.
I don’t know enough about it to know whether you can update OSMC in this situation - I suspect that there may be a restriction, and you can only get a new NOOBS image.

So I did a clean re-installation using the OSMC installer instead of Noobs. Now I have the correct partition sizs like you said and the update is no problem anymore. Problem solved, -1 for noobs. Thanks for your help, very much appreciated!

Glad you got it sorted.

For future reference, the updater checks that you have at least 30MB free on the /boot partition, and 300MB free on the main root partition. You had only 26MB free on the /boot partition, which will be why it refused the update.

I was going to ask you to show a listing of what was in /boot so we could advise what could be deleted but I see you have done a fresh install.

If you are not trying to dual boot on the same card to another OS then using the OSMC installer instead of the Noobs installer is the optimal installation method, and partition sizes is one of the reasons the OSMC installer is the favoured method.

Thank you, I learned it the hard way :wink: Keep up the great work!