Update failing

On every update, I get these errors:

Full log here: https://paste.osmc.tv/lukufecezi


Could you please do the following from the commandline:


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Please provide the output of each line.

Thanks Tom.

I have already tried that and there was nothing to be updated and one package to be removed with apt-get autoremove (which I did)


I would say then the device is up to date and the error is a false positive. In my myosmc, what version is reported; bottom left of the screen?

Thanks Tom.

It is up to date. It gets updated but the error is always there, on each update. The version is March 2018 2018.03-1

You have unattended-upgrades installed:

ii  unattended-upgrades                  0.93.1+nmu1                    all          automatic installation of security upgrades

Unless the policy has changed, Sam has said in the past that we cannot support installations running unattended-upgrades: [HOWTO] Self updating OSMC Distribution (Not recommended for inexperienced users) - #6 by sam_nazarko

It can cause serious problems, indeed. Please re-install OSMC.

I don’t even know what it is or what it does or how I got it.

Any other way of fixing it other than reinstalling?

I have openvpn, deluged and flexget running in the background so it will take time to have those up and running again.

Unfortunately it’s hard to tell what changes may have been made to your system. A reinstallation is the best solution.

Your terminal history shows that you manually installed it on 12th July 2017; possibly following a tutorial.

Quite possible. Okay, I’ll reinstall…

Okay, I’ve finally found the time to reinstall and fix everything. I have also created a file called unattended-upgrades in the /etc/apt/preferences.d dir with the following content:

Package: unattended-upgrades
Pin: release \*
Pin-Priority: -1

This should hopefully prevent this package being installed again. Cheers guys.