Update from Vero 4K+ to Vero V


It is possible to change a Vero 4K+ for a Vero V, obtaining a discount by delivering the Vero 4K+?

I think you’re asking if you can get some kind of trade in credit for the Vero 4K+. The answer, as far as I know, is no. The Vero V does go on sale from time to time, so you can wait for one of those if you want to save a little.

No, unfortunately not, but there is a discount which will end today.

This is our first sale of Vero V. I don’t anticipate it being a regular occurrence unfortunately.

Looks like I just missed the sale, I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger until the Dolby Vision stuff got resolved, and I just discovered today the blog post from last week. I’ve been a happy owner of the Vero 4K. How much was the sale price so I know how much I need to be disappointed for my late discovery?

The sale price was £10 off, so I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.

Unfortunately I don’t know when or if we will have another sale. Always a lot of factors at play

But I always try and offer the best price possible to customers without compromising on our product in terms of hardware or software.