Update has made the screen pink!

Hi all,

I’ve just updated the August update and it has put a pink tint on everything. When the screen fades to black it’s just a solid pink screen now. How can I fix this or roll back the upgrade?

What device are you using? And what model of TV?

First suggestion: reboot

Sorry Sam, it’s the Vero 4k. TV is fine, usually I would think hdmi cable but we’ve been using the box perfectly on it until the update. I’ve tried reboot but no joy

That doesn’t give us much to go on. Could you post a debug log, please?

Just go to My OSMC, upload all logs and send us the URL

Do you have Force RGB enabled?

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Hi Andy,

I believe Graham has resolved this now.
I’m building this fix and will let you know when it’s ready as an update.


Hi Andy,

Sorry to hear that you experienced a problem after the update today. Thanks for your patience and bug report.

This is to confirm that the issue should now be resolved.

You should receive an update notification shortly which will resolve this issue. You can also check for updates manually as explained here: Keeping your OSMC system up to date - General - OSMC.


sorry for not replying sooner but thanks so much for the brillaint customer service Sam.

Updated again tonight and now it’s all sorted. Superb, thank you!