Update killed me

Dear all

I received an auto update for OSMC running on my raspberry pi.

I am now stuck with an improper screen resolution which does not allow me to see the entire screen (TV display).
The only config I can access is the 8 options circular menu with the OSMC logo in the center, fromthen I can go into the raspberry config menu, but there is no parameter I can see concerning screen resolution.

Moreover, I cannot ssh to the machine, I get the prompt but I am no more cleared to log in

r# ssh pi@osmc-Mervyn
pi@osmc-mervyn’s password:
Permission denied, please try again.
pi@osmc-mervyn’s password:

This update from hell is killing me … can you please help ?

Warm regards

Username is osmc, not pi. Password is also osmc.

OSMC will never update without your consent.

Have you read the FAQ on updating to Krypton? Most issues can be resolved there. I’m sorry to hear the update has caused you issue.


err … yes
I’m ashamed

Hey Sam

thanks for your answer.
To be more specific, the updated was pushed, as usual, and I accepted it, as usual. So it was unde rmy consent, indeed.

I managed to identify the problem, at least to some extend : it’s when I use the remode control (Yatse on my Android cell phone ; unsure about the NSA patch level :slight_smile: ))
There is a button on the remote control main screen : an ‘open square box’, second on the tird line, just under the volumen down button, just left of the Info button.
If I touch the button, by mistake when I wish to display information, then it messes up the resolution of the main screen (TV) and I have to manually reset the correct parameters by shifting the image position using the TV remote control, then go into the raspberry config menu in OSMC, set the proper res again, and use the TV remote again to set the image back in place …
Which is a bit of an annoyance …

I hope my explanations were clear enough, if not just let me know and I’ll make my best to be more specific.

Warm regards

No idea what this could be.

Did Yatse update in this period?
Can you follow the instructions suggested previously and post a set of logs.


AFAIK no Yatse update came through.
And, which instructions are you talking about ? I can’t see any in this thread …