Update on Alpha 4 Pi2 causes update issues

After doing clean install of Alpha 4 on Pi 2 then running the Updater from the OSMC Settings Plugin, I get errors
After reboot I get the following error:
Error Failed: OSMC Settings

I can no longer run the OSMC Settings at all, Have tried 2 clean installs on a good working 64Gb SD CARD.


We’re very near our official release and as such we’re now pushing some packages to our repositories which may be incompatible with the current release


Thanks Sam, OK so Ill hold off on updating for now and looking forward to the next release!

Thanks for the hard work Sam, Jenkins has been busy these last few days!
Is tomorrow still looking like a viable target?

I noticed that I cannot watch anything anymore. OSMC becomes unresponsive, later on I hear audio (shattering), and later on I see video skipping. Reboot doesn’t help. I hope this could be update’s fault. I shall wait for RC.

Sam, I’ve had this same problem too. Will I need to reinstall all again for the updates to work when the next official release is out?

Hi there.
Just noticed the same issue.
Used OSMC for some days now, but since yesterday updating the “old” installation breaks the “OSMC Settings” as same as updating a brand new installation of OSMC.
Further i noticed, that doing “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” through SSH does nearly all updates without breaking anything.
Also doesn’t matter which update i do, finnaly i’m getting “httplib not defined”-error on some 3rd party addons.
Maybe it helps somehow…

Full of expectation for the RC. Keep the good work up!