Update procedure

Hi all,

i recongized some major issues related updating osmc. I have setup about 20 different osmc devices(pi/pi2) for friends and everybody was happy with it. Then after some time some guys called in and told me “hey only have the bad smiley”. After investigating i found out that the complete sd card was “readonly”. I checked no sd card pin moved or anything. Really strange as it occured on several systems the same time.

I resetup and it was all good for some time. At that point i thought to disable any auto updating process.
These devices worked really fine for a long time, till a friend decided to update (or his girlfriend thought of beeing a good idea) and tadaa: same issue. sd card completely readonly and bad smiley bootup.

is there anything known about such issue?This happened due to different releases of OSMC available.
On my own osmc device i never got such issues so i wonder what could be the cause about this as i thought my “friends” found the shell and played with it but i think they are not able to find the shell at all and know what chown /chmod does :smiley:

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

No, this happen only for one of these reasons:

  1. Crappy Powersupplies
  2. Crappy SD Cards

You may say, but only happens with the update. And the relation is that:

  1. during a update there are many file operations which would unearth a crappy SD Card
  2. after a update the device will reboot at which a corrupt filesystem would cause a read only mount.

Hey my fellows, thanks for the responses. Yes i already knew that the informations are very rare provided by my side as i do not have any defect device anymore as people cry as long as the osmc is not running ;D

I just thought already some other people got the same state. The explanation here of fzinken sounds reasonable. I will not touch a running system though anymore :smile:

Without logs though, it’s too vague. It’s like saying your car won’t start. There are many reasons why that could be the case. The most common cause is an inadequate PSU or a poor SD card. Yanking the power out without properly shutting down can also be problematic.

Hi all, thx for the hints and help.
if this issue will reoccur i will send you all logs needed to investigate. I saw this happening from different models rpi 1/2 a/b but always the same action: update was done and left the system in readonly state.

So please close this and if i encounter the same someday again you will get the debug logs :smiley: