Update removed fstab?

I got an on screen prompt there was an update recently. I proceeded with it, and it seemed to be a large one, took a while via some old school update screens rather than a ‘background’ update and restart.

Anyway, it seems to have removed my fstab. Annoyingly I didn’t keep a copy of my fstab settings that were working for playing 4K content and I’m back with the occasional 4K file getting stuttery as it buffers.

Could you confirm if the fstab was removed on the update on purpose, and if you’ve also edited the kodi advanced settings file? I recall from threads last year you were going to include some advanced settings re: buffer sizes etc. by default.


The /etc/fstab file doesn’t belong to any package; so shouldn’t be overwritten by any update.

We have – but this is in the system advancedsettings; so your changes will still be there; and will supersede ours.

Thanks Sam.


So, before the update I would see on the boot screen the mounts occurring, very briefly it would be shown. Then within Kodi Settings > Storage the mounts would be shown. After the latest update I see neither of those, but when I SSH in the fstab is still there, and sudo mount -a returns no errors.

I believed it was missing because for the first time in a long time, after the update, a 4K file stuttered. Maybe it was something else. I’ll have a play around and see if it was just the one file.


Thanks Sam, the fstab was there but it no longer automounts. I’ve raised a new topic for the potentially broken automount.