Update today; rainbow screen, unable to boot

hello there,
I am using raspberry pi2 with oscm for quite a while now. works perfect, also updating with every update.
yesterday an update, all fine. today a new update, and nightmare stroke. no boot, only rainbow screen. no ssh, no nothing. inserting sd card in my pc, works fine also. i added the boot_delay=1 in the config, cause that sometimes helps, but it didnt.
I am puzzled… i am not that techy btw…
please help me. thnx.

Could you try adding ‘dtoverlay=mmc’ to your config.txt?
And see if that fixes the issue?

If so … you need to publish your exact sd card information for further investigation.

nope… i read the other topic about this. i downloaded that mmc-overlay file and placed it in the map overlays. i added the line in the config.txt. still rainbow screen. also ive seen the others talking about osmc splasscreen, that far i don`t go. also theve talked about 4.3.3-1-osmc, but on my SD card there is also a map named 4.3.3-2-osmc.

my sd card is a lexar 8gb class 10. but it works like a charm for a year, so i dont really think this is the issue. as like the power supply. working great for over a year. (2 ampere)

Ok, if you tried all that … then it’s probably something else.

my config txt is:
dtoverlay=mmc (this i added along with the file in boot/overlays/)

my cmdline txt is:
root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait quiet osmcdev=rbp2

Post a directory listing of the fat partition on the SD card including file sizes and dates.

Todays kernel update is identical to the one released yesterday except it includes the missing mmc overlay - no other changes were made, so if your system has stopped booting it’s not due to the contents of the update but something went wrong during the update process.