Updated OSMC now cannot connect to Ubuntu DLNA server

Today on an RPi3 OSMC installation I tired out on the many pop-up messages saying there is an OSMC update ready for install, so I gave up and let it upgrade. BAD!
Now I could not use a lot of the functions I had before because add-ons were deemed incompatible and disabled but they could not be updated either…
So I did what I did on an older RPi2 OSMC box at my summer home and stopped mediacenter, then renamed the $home/.kodi folder to .kodi_backup.
Then started mediacenter so it recreated the .kodi folder and again stopped mediacenter.
Then I copied over the keymap files from the backup to the new .kodi dir so my remote control would work properly and then started mediacenter.
I installed a number of add-ons, which now mysteriously could be installed.

So now after some time I am almost back.
But my main source of videos at home, which is the DLNA service on my Ubuntu server where all the videos live, cannot be reached because I cannot even figure out how to add an UPNP/DLNA service as source.
All the sources on my media drive in the RPi are configured via editing of the sources.xml file, but when I copy this into the sources.xml file from the backup it does not work:

     <name>Ubuntusrv MSNBC UPNP</name>
     <path pathversion="1">upnp://4d696e69-444c-164e-9d41-f80f41025bd2/</path>

This is on the exact same hardware and it did work before the upgrade of OSMC.
I have no idea how the GUID string was created on the existing working system…

What can I do in order to add this UPNP source into the video sources?

Turns out that after a lot of searching in the menus I found this:

  • Go to Settings=>Services=>UPnP/DLNA
  • Enable these two items:
    • “Enable UPnP support”
    • “Allow remote control via UPnP”

Now there will be a UPnP browsing item when adding new sources here:

  • Videos=>Files=>Add Videos=>Browse=>UPnP Devices

Now it was possible to add the Ubuntu DLNA source and the sources.xml was updated with a GUID style reference.

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