Updates Raspberry Pi 2

Hi. I tryed to update my Raspberry Pi 2 with osmc novembre 2020.11-1 at the New Update, but with the manuale control and Scan the update, osmc doesn’t finded anyone. Why? Thanks

Your version of OSMC is too old.

To update, you will now need to reinstall OSMC. OSMC only supports an upgrade path for one major Debian release.


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Thanks Sam.
Does supported now Osmc the dongle Bluetooth for bluetooth headphones or Is It sperimentale yet?

Not sure what you refer to. Do you have a post where you mentioned your problem?
Generally OSMC is supporting Bluetooth headphone since at least 7 years

Here Is Problem with bluetooth headphones - #67 by ActionA


Ok, while for me at that time bluetooth already was working fine we still had some major changes and improvments with bluetooth.
So I suggest you install the latest version and try. Now bluetooth audio is already integrated into OSMC no need to install the a2dp package.

And as always, the beauty of the Raspberry Pi you just can install the new OSMC version on a second SD Card and test how it works for you.


thanks but unfortunately the installar osmc for OSX showed me that my OSX 10.11.6 is not supported…is required OS X 10.12 or higher…

You could use a Windows PC or another disk imaging utility


Just download the right Image for the Pi and write it with balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives to the SD card.

I didn’t suggest that as I’m not sure if balenaEtcher was around when such versions of OS X existed.