A couple of times since the last update that was published on the blog (9th February) Kodi on my Raspberry Pi 2 has prompted me that updates have been downloaded and would I like to exit Kodi to install them.

I have done this on both occasions and some updates seem to install but the Version Info (Build/Compiled) in System Info and the information displayed at the bottom of My OSMC don’t appear to have changed.

I believe the usual process is for one update per month and it will be announced on the blog so I was just wondering what these updates were?

I don’t recall having anything like this before the last major update and I’m just curious as to what is happening

Thanks for that.

Is this new functionality to be getting Debian updates outside of the main OSMC releases?

I don’t think there have been any changes that would affect this behavior.


You only get Debian updates when OSMC updates are also made publicly available. This allows us to verify upstream is good and delay updates if necessary for quality assurance reasons


I am getting those updates too (2x since kodi 17 release).
How do you explaine them ?

He just did

You can check apt history log file and google Debian sites for changes history.

Accoording to Sam it should not happen (or am I seeing this wrong ?)

That’s the way I read it as well, that we shouldn’t be getting these updates. Which doesn’t explain why we are…

If you tap the green links, it will take you to the linked thread where you can read all the context.

Thanks, mystery solved :slight_smile: