Updating & Adding Video files to library after update 2015-09.2

Hi All,

After Updating to the 2015-09.2 I’ve not been able to use the default movie scraper when adding to my library. I’ve added the sources as SMB locations under the hostname APPOLLO.

Before the update all of my files were listed with the metadata scraped from the site. Now however it seems like the scraper’s don’t even initialise! Even when selecting Videos > Files > (Left) > Update library no message is shown.

Any ideas?

System log:

Do you use MySQL db?

If not, try this command from console or SSH and report please.

rm ~/.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml && sudo systemctl restart mediacenter

Hi ActionA,

Ran the command through SSH and it looks like its now working! Fantasitc thanks!