Updating Library

I keep all of my media on an external drive and I safely remove it to load up new shows or movies. I have everything named according to kodi standards. When I connect the hard drive back to the vero 4k+ it never seems to update the library automatically even though the option is checked in the settings. So I manually go to update the library by pressing left and then update library. Most of the time it works fine, some of the time though, the updating box that appears in the top right of the screen pops up like it’s going to retrieve artwork and whatever but it instantly goes away and does not add thew new shows to the library. The only way I have figured out to fix this is clearing the library and adding the location again. Please help me figure out a better way to do this.

Which settings would that be. The only one built into Kodi is update on startup and that only triggers when a profile loads. If you are using an add-on and that is not working you would probably need to look on the Kodi forum for a dedicated thread for the add-on and inquire there.

If your using the OSMC remote you can hold down the play button when your on the home screen to kick off a video library update if it is more convenient.

I would venture a guess that the drive is not using the same mount point when reattached so it isn’t in one of the configured source locations any more to get scanned. We would need debug logs to confirm this is the case.

Did you try restarting instead?

Yeah it was update on startup, my mistake. I did try restarting it and still no luck. I will work on getting logs.

Assuming you are networked, you could just add new shows to the hard drive from your computer rather than unplugging the hard drive each time. That should help the box keep the existing library files.

Yep, that’s what i do. Although very slow (about 15 Mb/s), for me it’s much more convenient.