Updating Media Library

Hello everybody,
I hope that my question will be understandable because I am franch and my english is poor.
I have a problem with the media library.
I scrap the informations of videos with Tinymediamanager on a Windows PC and Ithe informations are saved in the nfo for each file.
When I update the media library with Kodi on the Vero 4K, I have no problem with the ne w fils who appear correctly on the interface.
However when I modify videos (always with Tiny) the modifications (Genres, Summary …) are not modify on the interface.
Someone has an explanation of that ?
A parameter to modify ?
Thanks a lot for your help

TMM exports all the information into a nfo file. When Kodi updates its library and it finds a filename that is not already in the library it will look if there is a nfo file, and if there is then it will use the information contained in it to add to the database. Once this is done Kodi will no longer look at this nfo file on subsequent library updates. If you update a nfo with new information it will only be added to your Kodi library if

  • You remove the media from the library and rescrape

  • You bring up the information window for the item and then click the refresh option AND don’t select the ignore local option that pops up

  • You enable the web interface and control options in Kodi and then in TMM you select the item, right click, Kodi>reload selected item (you have to configure your client in TMM’s settings to set where your client is)

I would also note that I have seen where I changed something in TMM and it didn’t automatically update the nfo file with my changes until I manually told TMM to re-write it.

Thanks @darwindesign for you explanations.
I understood well the the first two points but i have questions for the third.
Where can I enable the control options in KODI ? Vero 4K ? TMM ?
Thanks again


settings>general>external devices>Kodi/XBMC

Yes all is done as joined pieces but I can not connect in TMM.
When I put on the Connecy button, nothing …

Nothing is suppose to happen when you click on the connect button other than a notification at the bottom right that when you click on it then you will see the notice for being connected or refused or whatever. In those Kodi settings make sure you have both the options at the bottom of the screen that you can’t see in your pic enabled and in TMM the TCP port should be set to 9090.