Updating OSMC and other debian apps


I understand OSMC is based on debian.

What I’m not clear about is if I have additional software installed, (e.g. syncthing, lighttpd and tailscale), when there’s a major version/full-upgrade to OSMC, does the debian version also change? So it’s the same as when debian upgrades from 11 to 12, you’d normally need to re-install the software/apps.

I’m asking because my current homeserver is a headless debian nuc, and it’s pain to reinstall apps when there’s new version of debian. As I don’t do that much with it, I think I could use the OSMC box instead (and attach a hd).


When we update the Debian version, yes

Thanks. I guess I’ve never quite understood what osmc is :flushed:
Is it basically a customized version of debian? I’ve perceived it like a “rolling-release”, because it appears as you don’t need to keep re-installing it. But I think that’s not accurate.

It’s a distribution based on upstream Debian stable.