Updating OSMC bricked Raspberry


I have a raspberry pi 2, and had OSMC Kodi 14.x installed, after trying to update OSMC through MyOSMC the raspberry froze in the middle of the update.

Now it seems to be bricked, I tried two new cards with a new version of OSMC loaded into them and I can only see the initial screen of the raspberry with all the colors, and nothing happens.

I tried the same cards on another raspberry and it worked perfectly, so it is not the cards… not sure what to do…


Since you have not updated the Pi for so long, I’d guess that your power supply isn’t up to the task with a newer version of OSMC, so it you have another known good supply, try that.

The only other think I can thing of would be to put the SD card in a different system, and show us the contents of /boot/config.txt and /boot/cmdline.txt

Have you chosen the right image for your Pi?
Are you sure it is a Pi2?
Can you take a picture and post it.