Updating rasberry pi 3 - difference between myosmc update and dist-upgrade


After some troubleshooting I’m currently working with a fresh install of OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20170705.img.gz (through the installer). on a pi3. Have used different sdcards so, unless I’m unlucky, I don’t think it’s that.

Started rebuilding it as I was having trouble accessing the moviedb scraper - may have just been a glitch (but tvdb is fine and I can access the moviedb from another computer).

On the fresh install - I also can’t install the skin helper or skin shortcuts addons, (skin settings configure skin > addons) if I do this as the very first thing after setting locales. Sure other things will be wrong but using that as the example. I believe that’s a known issue.

So, needs an update- fine. But dist-upgrade and a reboot doesn’t seem to do it.
I do that first and then try the myosmc updater manually it says there are no further updates and the problem will persist.

Doing the myosmc update first (on another fresh install) seems to solve the problem on it’s own.

As updating is an amazingly common question here I’m having trouble searching the answer but does the myosmc update do anything more than apt-get dist-upgrade - (e.g. update addons or clear something out). If so, what (or is that too long to go explain)?

Is there any way to force addons (or whatever else it may do) updates from command line?
What about installing them in the first place?

When/ how do addon’s update and can I see this somewhere - is it a cron or something I can stop - I know I can do it from the interface but scripting it to make sure they’ve stopped will help me with diagnosing of problem.

I’m happy to come back with logs but just want to check I’m not being stupid first. Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick completely but still trying to diagnose it.

Behind this question - I’ve got 3 of these (mine and families) and I regularly break them playing- so I’ve scripted the install of them (things like boot confg, fstab, 2FA ssh, vnc etc etc) and I’m just trying to understand when a reboot is needed or if a sudo systemctl start mediacenter would do it? (whilst appreciating it may be hard to explain every scenario)

Finally - I am going to start looking through the code of osmc/ kodi to work this out myself - but am very news to this and sure there will be large parts I won’t understand. If anyone could point me at the updating parts though it would be appreciated.

It’s just become a bit more urgent to understand this process as I’ve been tearing my hair out rebuilding these thinking it was a setting I’d changed.

Quick check that I’m not being an idiot on the original problem with the movie scraper

I’m right that the error - “Unable to connect to remote server, Would you like to continue scanning?” - relates to it trying to get the movie information over the internet, rather than the movie file (on a NAS)

I’m 99% sure it is as guest is allowed, it could access it before and I can browse to it through the add videos menus (and command line) but thought it worth double checking.

FYI Using DHCP and can ping moviedb.org.

MyOSMC update = dist-upgrade

You can configure for each addon if it should included in the auto update.
They them will update automatically when a newer version exists see here
You could grep your kodi.log to see if/when updates happen

A reboot is needed when a new kernel or other fundamental modules have been updated. If only the mediacenter was updated than Kodi restart is good enough. But generally after dist-upgrade I suggest a reboot

No. Also, this has no effect on the updating of addons within Kodi. Kodi’s own addon manager handles this (as well as offering the option to force update/check of installed repos/addons) and while repos/addons are checked at start time for available updates, I’m not sure how long or what triggers Kodi to subsequently check again.

I’m pretty sure best practice would be to reboot after setting locales in any instance. Though I’m not sure why this would have anything to do with being unable to install any Kodi addons.

You’ll see this in the Kodi log when it occurs. It is not dependent on cron. I suspect Kodi has a hardcoded timed setting for subsequent repo checks.[quote=“beardedfool, post:1, topic:38679”]
so I’ve scripted the install of them (things like boot confg, fstab, 2FA ssh, vnc etc etc) and I’m just trying to understand when a reboot is needed

Again, best practice would be a reboot after installation of system items. Restart of mediacenter (Kodi) will have no effect here. Remember, debian is the base system of OSMC.

We touch reboot needed flag when it’s advised to reboot on package updates

I’ve always understood this error to be the inability to contact the location of the media itself, not any metadata scrapers.

Thanks for the speedy answer. Much appreciated.

So, to double check, that would make it surprising that:
Install then myosmc update (reboots itself) = fixes issues
Install then dist-upgrade (and reboot) = doesn’t fix

Unless a sneaky update of something else (I’m assuming addons) just happens to kick off.

I’m looking now but are you aware of the file that controls (disable/ forces) the addon updating.
(I’m assuming that userdata\script.module.osmcsetting.updates/ seems to be related to myosmc update, rather than this)

Then I’m in a better place to come back with decent logs if I can prove the problem. I can also then test by manually installing them. Like the idea of the grep of the logs but would be prefer to control it before the it happens if possible. .

No worries if not, I’ll start playing with settings and isolate the relevant file. It’s just getting a bit time consuming to do the install (and as far as I see so far quite a few skin files are quite dynamic)

Also just to check there’s nothing else I should be looking for?

FYI That reply was written when just fzinken had answered. but cheers to the others.

I’ll do a lot more testing and come back with some logs or, more likely, a message starting 'I’m an idiot,"

Sam/ Frizen - is that your understanding of the moviedb errror? 'Remote server" could be a little clearer.

Have you heard of any recent problems with moviedb, skinhelper or skin shortcuts on install? (I’ll try some others as well as part of this)

Thanks again, and for osmc- it’s has made an genuine impact on my life and of my parents. Hugely appreciated.

On second thoughts…,

If your three aren’t concerned by this one I think I’m going to do it the proper way and worry if it comes up again after that.

For anyone more intelligent in the future that happens upon this:
I’m not sure how up to date this page is but there are some functions around updating of local addons folders and repositories

Thanks again all of you, hugely appreciated.

One last one - is there any way to set hostname, locale and ssh when creating the sd card?

I’ve never really looked at the image/ card before but a few hours of creating them has convinced me I’d prefer not to do that again.

Not at this time.

Nope, doesn’t seem to have worked doing myosmc update first now - I don’t know which way is up now so will start again another day

Just in case there’s anything obvious in here any help would be greatly appreciated


Looks like the ‘remote server error’ was moviedb as got a 401 (?!) error there. Can’t see a specific one fore the skin helper and skin shorcuts addons

This isn’t related to us, so you’re best contacting the maintainer of that scraper / add-on.

OSMC’s update via GUI and dist-upgrade give the exact same results.
Something else is at play here