Upgrade / Backup problem


I have connected an empty 16GB USB drive to my OSMC Raspberry 2B containing an 8GB SD with the intention of backing up the settings before flashing a new larger card and restoring the settings.

I am getting an error that there is insufficient space.

This doesn’t make sense?

The Raspberry itself only has 24MB left - I’m not sure if this is the issue?

What should I do?


That is the issue as the backup script creates first a backup file on the card before moving it to the backup media.

Two options you have:

  1. Use backup script from @grahamh [How to] Make periodic backups of whole OSMC system

  2. Make a 1:1 copy of the SD card onto the new card and then increase the partition size to the full 16GB with gparted.

Option 3: install OSMC on the new card, boot up and copy across /home/osmc/ from the old card using a card reader.

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