Upgrade libcec to version 4

Hi there,

I noticed that Pulse-Eight has released version 4 of libcec, which also includes improvements for the rpi.

Are there any plans to upgrade to this version?

Thanks in advance!


3.2.0 will land with Krypton

I think LibreELEC included 4.0.0 into one of the latest beta Krypton release … let’s wait for final KODI and see then :slight_smile:

Don’t think so.

Milhouse said that 4.0.0 was not compatible last time I checked. I’m pretty sure he only upgraded to 3.2

I’ll send him a link to this thread and see if he can comment.

from the changelog on Kodi forums so it seems there might be a way

#1026, 26-Oct-2016: RPi / RPi2 -- Release post (libcec 4.0.0)

I’ve asked Milhouse (who is in Slack). We’ll see what he says :slight_smile:

just outta curiosity why would there be issues ?

Because there are changes in the interface with newer libCEC versions. If there were not I believe the major version would be the same

I’m curious if 4.0.0 will end my problem with audio source freaking out when connecting TV<=soundbar=>Pi … but lets be patient :slight_smile:

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering why my latest nightlies have been failing with CEC not installed errors. Now compile cec 4.0.0 so I’ll do some testing today.

Try 3.2.0 first

I’ve crudely adjusted PR10775 from Kodi for Krypton. I did it quickly as I’m not sure if it will be merged for Krypton, and I don’t want to rebase everything to find out I need to revert. You can pick it from my Git.

I will build Krypton Beta 5 with libCEC 4.0.0 support. I hope that the builds will be ready for Monday midday (my time). Check the Kodi Krypton Beta thread for more information.

CC @scrag. There are AV improvements again, these may help your situation.

I look forward to your feedback.