Upgrade to latest version - stuck on "Welcome" screen


I updated my Raspberry Pi 2 today and now when I reboot it, I briefly get the normal screen, but then I get a jumbled up screen that has the word “Welcome” on the left and several lines of text which overwrite each other, including the line “I’d like to stay updated with OSMC news…”.

I am unable to get rid of this screen. Clicking on “Accept” doesn’t do anything and when my mouse goes over the “Welcome” text, everything else disappears, but I can’t do anything else.



Would it be possible to take a picture of the overwriting text ? What skin are you using ? What screen resolution do you use ?

It’s possible to dismiss the welcome walkthrough by creating the file it expects to be there to signify the walkthrough is completed.

To do this log into your Pi using SSH and type the following commands:

touch /walkthrough_completed

You should no longer be bothered by the walkthrough. We would like to identify and fix any problems with the walkthrough if possible of course so a screenshot and the information above about skin etc would be appreciated.

Hope that helps.


What version of OSMC did you originally install on the installation that you have upgraded ?

Looking at that screenshot I have a suspicion that you may be trying to upgrade Alpha 4 or earlier. (Which is not possible - only RC1 and later can upgrade, earlier versions require a fresh install)

I have another PI that I haven’t updated yet. According to the System screen, it is OSMC 0.0.4.

I updated the other one using apt-get dist-update. What should I have done?



It’s Alpha 4. You need to upgrade to a release candidate manually.

What Sam means is, full reinstall.

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