Upgrade to OSMC from Raspbm

Is it possible to upgrade to OSMC from Raspbmc without losing watched/played status of media files?

You would want to back up your library first using the export separate files option, (chose no to saving artwork) and then when you add sources on the new install it will read the nfo files and import the last watched status.

Another option would be to use Milhouse’s texturecache.py utility:

One of its many options is to export watched status out to a file and import it again later.

When I migrated from a standard install to a MySQL install I tried a few approaches and the one I finally used was to back up watched status using texture cache, re-scrape my library from scratch then use texture cache to re-import watched status.

Thanks for that. I exported the library as you suggested and the watched status for movies has worked but the TV shows hasn’t. I checked the containing folders and there’s a system film there for each episode but the media centre doesn’t seem to do anything with it?

I use Trakt.TV and its kodi add-on to keep my watch statuses as accurate as possible. Prior to that I relied on having a backup but since I only took those weekly or manually there’d often be gaps if I had to unexpectedly do a restore. Now, after a restore, Trakt syncs back with the mothership and all my watch statuses are accurate for TV and movies.

Hope this helps.

Have you tried exporting the library to a single file and then verifying that xml file with an internet browser to check it’s valid. I remember in the past there was a bug with the import or export of the library.

You can also use the advanced settings to import the watched status.

It could be that there are problems with importing TV show watched status across Kodi versions ? When I did my export/import it was between the same version of Kodi.

If you still have the original data available I would try using texturecache to do the backup/restore of watched status - maybe that will have better luck.