Upgraded to 15 and lost audio

with 14.2 everything was great and now with kodi 15 I get no audio when I play anything with DTS and my receiver only sees 2 channels. I have enabled passthrough and enabled DTS etc. GUI audio still works and any 2 channel videos still play with audio it just seems to be any files with DTS.

I have configured osmc to passthough everything in config.txt and this has worked just fine with 14.2.

Any way to fix this?

Does it help if you disable “Support 8 channel DTS HD”?
Does disabling passthrough help?
Does enabling omxplayer in video/acceleration settings help?

omxplayer needs to be enabled and support 8 channel audio needs to be disabled. No other configuration gives me audio

now just need stereo upmix working and i’ll be good.