Upgrading 17.1 to latest (19.4) from commandline?

So. I have a headless raspberry Pi running in addition to our main Vero4. This is just so that I can play the same music from NFS in the library where I work. I noticed that it had an older version and tried to upgrade by:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --fix-missing

But I just get a bunch of 404s.

Is there a way to upgrade it from the commandline or should I wipe an reinstall?

There is no upgrade path from a version that far back. I would guess that you could probably keep most of your Kodi setup on a clean install with a backup/restore but restoring guisettings.xml might be an issue.

OK. Will make a backup and do a clean install on a new SD card and test.

It’s too old - you’ll need to update.

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Yes. I will backup settings and install on a fresh SD-card. As I said does this run headless so I never see the upgrade prompts. It is a Pi with a HiFiBerry amp and wall speakers. I just need to take note whenever the Vero4 wants to upgrade and run the commandline on this one, right?

If you ssh in and
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
annually it shouldn’t be an issue.

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Yes. I will do so in the future. FWIW this is a Pi 1 B+ we used before we got our Vero. Has been with us for a while, but as long as it works, there is no need to upgrade. Only used for music playback.

Will not be working with OSMC >202011 Version

The original RPi stopped being supported two years ago so a new install isn’t going to get you current.

Crap! So that means that I have to replace the Pi, right. AND the HiFiBerry amp. That is not something I would particularily like to do…

Edit: Put back version 17 and fixed the config that the attempted upgrde had trashed. The world is filling up with electronics junk much too fast. I prefer not to be part of that if it can be avoided. The 8 year old Pi B+ and HiFiBerry Amp works just fine for their intended use.

If you wanted to get current and minimize your contribution to e-waste then looking for a used RPi 3 might be a path. Would that really require anything other than a different sized SD card?

I have a Rpi3 that I bought for another project, but my understanding is that the original HiFiBerry Amp will not work on an Rpi3.

I checked with HiFiBerry and the Amp+ will not work with a Pi3, but the Amp2 och Amp3 will. They are not terribly expensive, but the combined cost will pass 100€ and likely with no additional benefit for what I use it for. Ie headless, to play music and controller via the web interface. I will probably keep what I have for now.

The combo, osmc+pi+Amp+ and two DLS wall-speakers do really work well for listening to music whilst I work.

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For my headless Pi1 + Hifiberry I moved to Volumio


OK. Thanks! I will check it out.

or if you don’t care about the added features and fixes for the vero, you could downgrade it (fresh install) to a version that is compatible and disable automatic upgrades for both devices.

I m not talking about the Vero. Our Vero is connected to the TV. The old Pi sits in a different room and is for audio only.

I figured since you mentioned it that you wanted to use a shared library (and both therefor needed to be the same), my misstake :slight_smile:

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Sorry. My mistake. The music files are shared. Not the library.

OK. I now realise that the attempted upgrade zapped my sound. So I did a fresh install of the latest supported OSMC for the Pi B+.
Followed the Hifiberry instructions: HiFiBerry DAC Software | HiFiBerry
Sound on…