Upgrading from old version

Hi all,

I just inherited an old OSMC Vero 4K+ that has not been updated since 2018.07-1. I’d like to bring it up to date without losing any of the data stored on it, particularly the scraper db. I have already tried using apt on the command line per the Wiki (including systemctl start manual-update) but it won’t upgrade any further.

Suggested course of action?

You could try to backup via MyOSMC, then upgrade with a recent image, then restore the backup.
Check that all data are in the backup file before you install the new image which would delete the whole emmc.

I think that one would be a bit problematic since we would be jumping major Kodi versions and the new Kodi db will still be present after the restore and prevent Kodi from looking for the old and updating it. In this situation the best course would probably be to just export the library to an external source and then import it into the clean install. Otherwise one would need to copy ~/.kodi to an external location manually and then after the clean install stop mediacenter, delete the new ~/.kodi, copy over ~/.kodi from the backup, then start mediacenter again to get a proper Kodi upgrade.

How about an export of library to xml-files`? I’ve done it once, takes forever with a large DB. And I’ve never tried to restore it, but I do believe it’s possible.