Upgrading from raspbmc - experiences

After running raspbmc for quite a while, I decided to take the plunge and upgraded to osmc (2015.09-2) on my Pi B+. Just wanted to share my experiences.

It is somewhat illogical that you have to go into settings and select a Swedish keyboard layout, even if you have selected Swedish for language.

The documented procedure to transfer your library did not work (Moving from Raspbmc - OSMC). Had to rescan my USB drive with music for songs to show up.

The most annoying bit was that after I installed, XBMC told me there was an upgrade. I upgraded and that killed my HiFiBerry DAC+soundcard? With the original release I just had to edit config.txt (https://www.hifiberry.com/2015/08/configuring-osmc/) and then select it as audio output.

After the upgrade, it was gone. No where to select it, just HDMI and analogue left. The dricver for the card was loaded though (green led on on card). But impossible to select.

In the end I went back and reinstalled OSMC and left it at that.

This is being fixed and will be resolved within the next hour or so.


Perfect! Then I can upgrade later with confidence.

Forgot to add in my previous post: Kudos to all of you! OSMC feels a lot faster than raspbmc. I did not time the bootup time, but it must be at least twice as fast!

I had not considered the Swedish keyboard. I will look at what can be done there. That is a good point.

It’s a shame library transferring did not work. Unfortunately Raspbmc has an older version of Kodi and exporting and importing libraries can be temperamental. In OSMC, we implemented our own Backup system.

You will enjoy OSMC. I will let you know when HiFiBerry is fixed here.


The HifiBerry issue is now resolved. You can upgrade via My OSMC -> Updater -> Manual Controls -> Scan for updates now.

Great! Will do so next week. Trying to figure out all the new stuff for now :slight_smile: