UPNP and track listings


I know that this has been discussed at length before with no real conclusions.

It is about the UPNP server in KODI.
The issue I would like to discuss is the listing of the track files. This is alphabetical at the moment which is not useable when listing audio tracks which should be ordered according to the track number.

Any other visions on this?


So you answered you own feature request. This is a Kodi Feature Request not a OSMC one.

I’m not sure if this will resolve your problem or not and its a bit time consuming. This worked when I was running minidlna.

Create a playlist of each album, using windows media play or Itunes. Place each playlist in the same directory of each album. Allow your UPNP server (or in my case minidlna) to do a rescan.

On kodi remove current music source. Re add the music source, after selecting your UPNP server there should be a playlist options.

Now when you click on your music source, you should be able to select one of your playlists and your tracks will play in order.

Apologies if this doesn’t help, all I can say it worked with MInidnla,

Thanks Tom.