UPNP library share

Hi guys, I tested UPNP library sharing with subtitles in movie folders.
I’m also using Kodi on another computer to test if subtitles work over UPNP.
English subtitle work but others are not “seen” and can’t be accessed even though they are named as suggested on Kodi Wiki.
Didi anyone have any luck with UPNP in order to provide multiple subtitles or is this just the limitation of UPNP protocol?

This is not directly a limitation of the protocol but many clients don’t support multiple subtitles.
Have the same problem with my lg tv for example. It was working fibe for somme time but then stopped working with some firmware update :frowning:

I thought that at least Kodi would be able to work with itself.
It was just weird that it wouldn’t provide multiple subtitles over UPNP.

True. Not sure why kodi doesn’t do this. But you can always try to download subtitles with the built in subtitledownloader.

Edit: You could also raise an issue on the kodi forums as this is not exactly osmc related.

I already did, but unfortunately I feel that they are responding to users less and less.
I presume they are getting overwhelmed.
It’s almost the same thing with the bug tracker.