UPnP RPi renderer with android control point loses connection

Why does my RPi OSMC renderer stop playing, apparently when I lose my wifi connection for example when roaming around the site and switching AP
Obvious perhaps but I had understood that the control point playing instructions & playlist were all buffered along with the stream in the rendering device. Not so it appears or do I have settings wrong?

The renderer, media server and all the data is on network and no wifi is needed except for the control point connection, so how does this work and can I improve the situation.

Other renderers such as Linn DS keep running even when phone is turned off.

I am using BubbleUPnP as control point. Would I be better off installing upmpdcli on OSMC and using BubbleDS on control point which would then see the RPi OSMC Kodi.

This is likely a question better asked on the Kodi forum as I think UPnP experience is somewhat limited around here. The cache with default settings is very small and Kodi streams from a UPnP source. Some clients transfer first then play but depending of the source file size and connection speed this can introduce long delays before the file starts. I would suspect your wifi is such that it is dropping one wifi connection before picking up a new one which is severing the network connection. If that is the case that is a bit out of our control. The solution here would probably be to use a large SD card and set your cache to write to disk with something like…


Be aware that this will reduce the lifespan of the SD card. More information on setting cache can be found in the following thread.


I think you are correct based on my roaming experience but a bit more thought on my part suggests a better solution. The only reason I went to so much trouble to get bluetooth working with my KEF MUO was because I am working remotely using an Adderlink to my workstation. This link has been used for years but does not have USB or Audio connection and the KEF requires a BT connection, hence my RPi with OSMC which is on the lan and is working well as a renderer.

The problem with using my phone as a control point appears to be breaking wifi connections when roaming. OK I don’t need to use my phone, I can control the renderer using my keyboard since that is where I shall be listening. So I am trying to get my head around the several ways in which to achieve what I seek.

Please could you advise the best way to control my RPi OSMC device from my computer working as a control point which will work in the background. Hope this makes sense!

My experience with UPnP is very limited and I wouldn’t know where to advise with software for it. If your only using for audio playback there is probably better options to be found than Kodi for your application. I know there is more than one OS for RPi that is specifically made for audio playback but I can’t name them off the top of my head. I’m sure a web search would be fruitful though.

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Hi and thanks for the suggestion. I now understand a bit more on the subject and have installed upmpdcli and mpd on the renderer so I can use openhome approach. This stores the playlist and controls the renderer from the renderer so the phone can be removed from the equation and the connection is still maintained. This is the solution for me and all I am doing now is fixing the bluetooth connection. Many thanks for your reply.