USB 3.0 on Vero 4k+

I just wanted to point out how important it is to have at least one USB 3 port on the Vero 4k+. I registered especially to say that the lack of this feature in an otherwise exceptional product is the one deal-breaker, and why I still haven’t purchased one. (I have read through the “Vero 4k+ still USB 2.0” thread, and was not satisfied with the explanations given there (ie, "It’s too expensive, you don’t need it, but we do need a gigabit LAN). The gigabit LAN is a wonderful feature, by the way, much, much appreciated.

It’s time to get with the program. It’s 2022 now. USB3 has been virtually ubiquitous for over a decade now. How much “more” can it cost? 50 cents? $5.00? Surely not more than that. It would make the Vero 4k+ a perfect product.

We’re already 4 years into the Vero 4k+. It’s getting a little long in the tooth. A refresh with USB3 ports would extend its functional life at LEAST 5 to 10 years. It would be future-proof. The CPU would then be the only other limiting factor, but it’s still good enough to handle 4k content at very high bitrates (200+ mbps).

With USB3 ports, the file transfer rates would increase 10x. It would be a “cheap man’s” all-in-one NAS solution. For playback and for filetransfer purposes.

Is it really “the high additional cost” which is holding back USB3 ports, or was that just a way to save a few cents / pence and recoup more profit? I know that I and many others would gladly pay $20 or more extra for a Vero product with USB3 ports instead of old, obsolete, very limiting USB2 ports.

There are $50 “media player” devices on Amazon which offer USB3 ports. I’d rather buy your product, because it’s obviously higher-quality and has better support.

Thoughts and comments, please?

If you’ve read the whole thread you mentioned, then you should know, everything regarding this topic has been said. Why open a new thread about it?

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The SoC doesn’t support USB 3.0, which is why it’s not been implemented. We can’t just add a USB3 PHY and expect it to work at USB3 speed.

It’s something that we’ll look at for a future hardware revision.

Ah… I see why now. This is a System on a Chip, and I did not know that. So, my understanding of what that means is “this is an all-in-one package deal” and that deal is only inclusive of USB 2.0, and the whole thing would have to be “redesigned” – as in a totally new System on a Chip would need to be developed?

In any event, I appreciate your reply and explanation. Now we know it’s not just about expense, but it was a hardware level limitation of the chip itself. That wasn’t clear from reading the other thread, and now it is. Thanks for clarification.

And I do look forward to a new hardware revision of the Vero where USB 3.0 support may be directly supported within the SoC hardware specs.

Well this topic matches my actual concerns. After having installed multiple Vero around me it’s my turn (no TV/place up to now). Even if the current Vero should fit my needs a new revision is more than welcome. The gap between HW release date is above anything in the past (my feeling at least)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to optimize my next buy with the best I can have (hardware) after a long wait, I do want to stick with OSMC (currently on RPI). I understand having a public agenda may be problematic but yes…I’m still looking for some clues.

I think people are just expecting new hardware simply because of the time elapsed since the last hardware release. But I’m not keen on releasing something with only a small set of changes just for the sake of us being able to say that we have a new device.


Vero user here since 2019. Absolutely love the device but just want to add my voice to the USB 3.0 crowd.

Would be a day 1 purchase for me.

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Your point is well-taken. However, many, especially in the fast-paced tech-world may see a 2018 device and cry “Oh… it’s no longer current and / or bleeding-edge.” (That’s not me, but some consider if these types of products aren’t refreshed every year, then you’re not in the circuit.) In point of fact that may be wrong, but the “outcry” and / or stigma remains. For a playback device, there isn’t much more that could be added. As an entry-level NAS and / or server device, there is much more that could be added, starting with USB 3.0 support. As I said, to make the Vero a PERFECT device, for my needs, all that is necessary in addition to what’s there now is at least one USB 3.0 port.

I’m not seeing that reflected on sales…

If we refresh the device every year then our support would be awful. There will, at some point, be a device with USB3. If you’re not happy with the current offering, then don’t buy the device. I’m sure there’s something on the market for you.



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Thank you for your candor and your honesty. I agree with you, I would neither expect nor want a yearly-update. Thought I made that clear. It would be a ridiculous PR nightmare, and is completely unnecessary. I’m genuinely glad that you’re seeing good sales numbers.

Yes, I’m sure there is an existing device / NAS out there which would support all my needs. However, I can and will wait for the version of your product which has the USB 3.0 feature. It will be worth it, and I’ll know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I’m getting a great product, one which will last and be made to last for years, not mere months. That’s very rare today, with all of the Chinese junk which has flooded and innundated the market.