USB Audio Out?

Hello, is it possible to use the USB ports as an audio output source. I have a set of wireless headphones that are currently plugged into the headphone socket on my old squeezebox. If i was to do the same with my Vero I’d need some way of getting the audio out of the device (other than the SPDIF which would be connected to my DAC) and I can only think that the USB is the only option left to me.

Yes. It will support USB sound cards


Will it support any USB audio? I would like to get a reasonably good quality DAC to feed into my amplifier. If there are any constraints on compatibility it would be great to know about them. I realise this is an old thread - my question applies to the latest product build.


You can plug most USB DACs in, but we can’t guarantee support for every card

Is it down to a kernel version or library version on the box? there must be something that can provide some guidance rather than just hope for the best :slight_smile:

It’s better for us to stay on the side of caution. But if you let me know what DAC you were looking at using I can take a look.


hi sam, how are you keeping, well I hope

I have a schiit audio dac, the modi 2 uber with usb in

can I connect my original vero to it by usb? theres a little port at the bottom of the vero (bottom right corner, it looks a bit like a mini usb or something, is that the port to use?

thanks sam


looks awesome. I wonder if volume adjust on OSMC via CEC would work? I’ve got HDMI arrangement which doesn’t allow for volume adjust via CEC.


Not sure how I missed these posts.

Your DAC supports optical by the looks of it, so you should be able to use that.

I believe volume is set via the ARC.

hi Sam, thanks for reply. yes I’m aware of the optical out, that’s what I have been using for years. Its the USB I am equiring about as I’m looking for better hi res audio.

since I posted the question I connected a usb printer cable to vero normal usb port and to my dac. On osmc audio settings it now gives me extra options of

  1. USB analog
  2. USB (SPDIF)

can I ask whats the little port to bottom right corner on rear sam?

thanks , Patrick

The ‘little port’ is an eSATA port, but it is not wired on the Vero.

so the usb ports support full hi res audio out sam. I’m enquiring as I’m going to buy a 50 euro usb hi res cable , just confirming quality of the audio out from vero first

The USB ports are USB 2.0 ports (480Mbps).
They will get you the audio that your DAC is capable of under Linux.

USB is a digital connection. A 50 euro cable or a 1 euro cable shouldn’t make a difference. All you need is a cable with good shielding. It will either work or it won’t.

I see, thanks Sam , appreciated. It seems these cables are a bit of the old ‘black arts’. thanks again