USB controller dies after plugging in remote dongle


I have a Vero 4K+ and there are two USB devices connected to it:

  1. the USB dongle of the supplied remote
  2. an external HDD connected through a self-powered USB hub.

Two days ago the remote control stopped working. After changing batteries, trying to pair again, and troubleshooting a while, I narrowed down the problem to the USB dongle. Whenever I plug it in, the whole USB controller seems to halt, and the following is visible in the logs:

May 15 10:26:09 osmc kernel: xhci-hcd xHCI host not responding to stop endpoint command.
May 15 10:26:09 osmc kernel: xhci-hcd Assuming host is dying, halting host.
May 15 10:26:09 osmc kernel: xhci-hcd HC died; cleaning up

The full logs can be found here:
The external HDD also becomes unavailable after this.

What can be the problem? May the USB dongle of the remote cause such an issue? Can I replace the USB dongle or should I buy a new remote?

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After you have carefully inspected the USB port and the USB dongle and have ruled out that dirt or a bent signal contact is the cause of the problem, buying a new remote control would be the way to go.

Btw.: I love my ’ Rii Mini i8+’ remote control (it’s a mini keyboard) with the Veros so much. It’s now operating since years and never caused any issue.

Have you tried without the hard drive attached?

Yes, I tried without the USB hub and HDD attached, the result is the same.

Does the receiver work in a PC?

I tried the receiver in a linux laptop. First it was recognized, lsusb showed it as “OSMC Remote Controller USB Keyboard Mouse”. I tried to get something out of it using the remote. After a few minutes I unplugged the receiver, then plugged it in again, but this time it was not recognized, lsusb did not show it. When I took it out from the USB port the receiver felt somewhat hot. After that I couldn’t make it be recognized.

OK, let’s not do any more tests like that

If you ping with a link to this thread and order # I can see if we have replacement USB receivers available for your model.