USB disk is mounted read-only

I know someone has claimed that this has been solved in later versions, but I’m using the latest version and it’s not working.

I have a 1TB usb disk which I use as the main media storage, connected to the OSMC running on a Pi3.

For some reason, I am able to move a little bit of data via the samba service installed on the osmc. But after a while, the transfer stops with just “error” or “problem” or “ie error” or something like that. Not correct, and not informative at all. Smaller files work fine, but HD movies are impossible.

However, when I ssh to the server I see that the disk (/media/VERBATIM HD) is mounted read-only. I CAN sudo mkdir etc. on it, but the osmc user - which is the owner of the entire /media/… folder - cannot do anything.

FTP-ing is not working either, since nothing can be copied only a read-only volume.

Why I’m able to do any writing at all via samba, I have no idea.

But the question is: How do I make osmc NOT mount the disk read-only?

Due to the IO error it sounds like the hardware is starting to fail. Or possible power issues. Or lastly driver issues.

Try the drive on a computer to rule out power and driver issues. This will see if it is a hardware failure. If it isn’t then try a better power supply.

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Is the drive self-powered? If not the Pi may not be supplying enough current for the drive to operate properly. Try powering the drive, or get a self-powered USB hub.

The power MIGHT be a problem, even though it’s not using wlan or bluetooth, and it’s a 2A power. Still, if it’s not stable enough, it might cause problems of course.

But what about the read-only mount issue? How can I make it mount the USB disk with rw access?

You need to test this first, if the kernel(OSMC) detects problem it mounts it read only that the linux way.

but either way powering pi3 and a 1TB USB disk from a 2A PSU is not good, my money is is on that you don’t have enough power for both.

you could use a powered USB HUB, or get a PSU with more then just 2A.

to put it in another way, if you fix your power issue, you’ll fix the mounted read only issue most likely ;-).

What filesystem is the 1TB disk formatted to?