USB dongle for the original Vero 4K

Hello folks,

Long story short, I got the original Vero 4K and never needed to use the remote until now (I was using Harmony). I probably have “lost” the USB dongle, 100% my fault. I still have the original remote. What would be the best way to get such new USB dongle? Is that even possible? I don’t mind paying for the dongle and shipping but wouldn’t know how to proceed.

Also if it’s an easier option, getting a USB/controller combo from Amazon could work if I could get something that’s compatible?

I’m in Canada. Thanks in advance.

Sam no longer has any stock of dongles for that particular remote. You can order the newer model remote from the OSMC shop. You could also go with a universal IR remote and use the built in receiver although it will be less responsive. If you ordered a remote from amazon that is the generic wireless type that come with a dongle then it should work, although you might have to mess around with a keymap a bit depending on what keys the remote sends. Those types of remotes (with the dongle) usually are just acting like a generic keyboard or keyboard/mouse combo so they work with most devices that accept a keyboard input.

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I’m using Harmony and not the Vero remote. Could send you mine if you pay shipping.


Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the offer, I think I’ll be alright but I’ll let you know if I need it. Really appreciated.

Hi, This happened to me recently and I’ve even using the Kodi remote app on my iPhone. Works very well. Regards.

Long story short, it’s my sister that’s actually got my Vero 4K and since I lost the dongle I told her to order a new remote from the OSMC store:

She received it today and there seems to be no USB dongle? From the product description, there should be a dongle right? She’s only got the remote. I told her to check everywhere, and re-check again, but it seems there’s really nothing. I’m guessing that’s not normal? It’s silly because all we need is the actual USB dongle, she already has the remote (now two remotes).

The dongle will be attached to the back of the remote with the tape.
Each remote and dongle is machine weighed so it’s not possible for us to ship only a remote.

Check the bin – she may have ripped open the package and not seen it.

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Thank you Sam. This is “almost” hillarious. I sent her your reply, let’s see if we can find this infamous dongle :grinning:

My sister, whom I love unconditionally, found the dongle in her recycling bin. No comment. Thank you Sam. :unamused:


Glad to hear this!

Damn, Sam !!! That’s the most impressive single thing you have ever done !
Well, one of them anyhow. :grinning: