USB drive broken after July update

Hey, so today, after moving to a new house, I finally decided to put my pi setup back together, and update it. But after the update, my USB flashdrive I used for the install seems to be completely broken to the point where my PC does not even recognize anything being plugged in anymore. Can’t find it in disk management etc so it’s not just corrupted. It’s a USB3.0 16gb flashdrive that’s less than a year old, and it booted up fine, did the update, and afterwards the flashdrive is just completely dead. I don’t care so much for the flashdrive and I know that it’s free software use at your own risk yada yada yada but still. What the hell guys? Has anything like this ever happen to anyone else?

We didn’t break your USB drive. It may have just died. Check Amazon reviews for that model. Do you see similar reports?

If you used an OSMC install on it, it will be formatted in a way that Windows will not recognise (one big ext4) partition.

If you have OSMC on an SD card now – plug the USB in. If you see a directory in /media or dmesg shows it as inserted, then the stick’s not broken, but rather, just needs Windows to recognise it. This is what I would try:

  • Set up OSMC on SD card
  • Insert USB
  • Ensure NO OTHER USB drives are attached
  • Run
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1

to erase the MBR.

Windows will now detect it as unformatted. You can now format it to the full size.



Woops my bad, I wasn’t thinking straight. You’re right of course, it shouldn’t show up. Sorry.

yeah Whoops …