USB drive "ghost mount"

I somehow managed to unplug my USB pen drive in such a way that now I have the following mount points:
/media/USB Stick 8 (the original one)
/media/USB Stick 8_ (the one appeared after unsafe unplug and re-plugging)

When trying a cd to ‘USB Stick 8’ using the terminal I get a “permission denied” message. However I can see both shares as “auto-mounted” when using SMB access on Windows, while ‘USB Stick 8’ cannot be accessed from there as well.
Now what I would like to have is getting rid of the ‘USB Stick 8_’ mount point respectively SMB share, and get the content back as the ‘USB Stick 8’ mount point. Is there a way to achieve that?

Edit: Using the file manager in the OSMC GUI it still shows the drive correct as ‘USB Stick 8’ and I can browse it normally from there.

Power down
Unplug the stick.
Power up
sudo rm -r /media/USB\ Stick\ 8
Plug in the stick

Worked like a charm :+1:
Just as a side note: I had to reboot the Pi once again after the rm command, in order to get the right share view in Samba as well

Actually you shouldn’t need any manual rm command to fix this.

Just reboot - during start up “ghost” mount points are deleted automatically.