USB - Ethernet adapter for the Vero 4k


could someone suggest a USB-Ethernet adapter for the Vero 4k? I need a second NIC with a second MAC address for some tests .


  • approved working with OSMC
  • no external power source needed
  • fast Ethernet is enough
  • no need for the mediacenter can use this NIC (which is eth1 ?)

I already found this URL and would give the TP-Link UE300 a try but prefer a stick wich is approved working with OSMC.

Thx in advance,

I doubt that there is currently an approved one from OSMC perspective. But to be honest Linux support for USB Ethernet adapters is quite well established.

I guess most of them will work, unless they are brand new and need a driver that is only available for 4.x Kernel.

Well based on the webpage it uses RTL8153 chipset which should be supported by the r8152.ko module which is part of OSMC on the vero4k. So unless there is a configuration option missing for the 8153 it should work

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Many thx, that helped. Decided to try the TP-Link UE200 which uses the RTL8152B chipset and is somewhat cheaper than the UE300. Will report if this should have been the wrong decision.

In case it is any help, I’ve been using an adapter with the AX88179 chipset and it has worked very well.

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If you are working on something cool, let us know!

Hi Sam,

no, just an improvement how to use the AVM Fritz!WLAN Repeater DVB-V with OSMC and TVHeadend, see the related how-to article. .
After some good feedbacks from German and some reviews with colleagues it figures out that the binding of further IPv4 addresses to the standard ethernet interface and the forced usage of static IPs in a “normal” DHCP home environment is somewhat too complex or time intensive for some potential users.
Showing another easy alternative method by simply plug-in an Ehernet-Adapter and configure the SOHO router to always provide the same IPv4s for two specific MACs on DHCP request is something this kind of users more accept. That’s all.