USB HD does not spin up

When I plug a WD My Passport Ultra into the Vero, the HD does not spin up. USB flash drives do work. Could this be a power issue with the USB ports?

You will need to power it externally


This is a portable drive seen here:

There is no external power option unless plugging into a hub, and one of the reasons I bought the Vero was because I wouldn’t need a hub.

(BTW, the Vero is great so far and will be even better once I get a NFS set up)

Can you use the other USB port?

I’m puzzled why you thought you would be able to power a spinning drive from the USB port of the Vero ?

Most spinning drives require more than the standard maximum USB supply of 500mA to spin up. So while the ports are powered they cannot provide enough power to power most spinning drives. (Some may work)

An external 2.5" Hitachi laptop drive in a USB enclosure that I have will not spin up when plugged into the Vero without additional power.

It will also not spin up on my Pi 2 unless I use max_usb_current=1 in config.txt which raises the maximum USB current from 600mA to 1200mA, so clearly the drive requires more than 600mA to spin up.

If your drive enclosure doesn’t have a power connector (most do even if they don’t bundle an adaptor) then a powered USB hub would be your only option.

I swear I read it somewhere. I’ll post back if I ever find it, but I’ll use a hub. Thanks for the info.

Hey Tenstairs I have a WD 2TB My Passport Ultra and it spins up on my Vero no problem at all. Don’t understand why yours won’t?

Different external hard drives require different amounts of power, especially during the spin up phase. (which uses more power for a couple of seconds than continuous running)

My 2TB Toshiba harddrive sometime worked sometime don’t. It is not very reliable