USB HDD Formatting

Since RaspBMC, I’ve been using it with Netatalk and an USB attached HDD (formatted HFS+).

The idea was to have:

  • a mediacenter that ran my files on the hdd
  • have AFP shares so that I can mount the usb hdd to my macbook over the air
  • run Netatalk so I can run Time Machine backups over the air

Now, since RaspBMC has stopped and OSMC took over…I’ve been using the exact same setup.
When the OSMC-devs decided to drop AFP support since Kodi did the same thing, I’ve decided to look for another solution for the Time Machine backups (out of the scope of the following question for now).

My question is: Since AFP shares are no longer supported, and Samba shares are encouraged (?), does it matter what format I format my external HDD in to in order to maintain the above wishes?

The usb hdd was originally formatted HFS+ as this was required to run the Time Machine-backup server, and I’ve had a lot of issues with it eversince I started that set-up (mainly because HFS is terribly supported in Linux). Should I just go with EXT4 (as somewhat the defacto Linux standard?), since I’m not bound to HFS+ anymore?

Decided to go with EXT4, didn’t come across any problems so far. Works like a charm.

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