USB HDD mysql setup

I have OSMC leia running on a raspberry pi 3b it is also the mysql server for my setup (which is another pi and windows PC’s). Most of my media is on a WD NAS. But that is full and I added a USB HDD directly to my pi server. My problem is that the server can play the media on the USB drive but any of the other clients show it in the database but say it’s no longer available. Obviously I have it set up wrong but dont know what the right way is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

When you scrape the media it is stored in the database as a absolute path. When you have more than one client they need to be able to access the files from the exact same path. So you either have to use a network path, a mnt for all clients (which means no windows clients), or setup path substitution in kodi so all the clients think they are seeing the same path.

If you just plugged in the drive and let it automount then scraped from there then your paths in your database are something like /drivename/foldername/filename.mkv and so any Windows box is not going to know what that is and any Linux boxes are going to be looking for a local drive that is not mounted to them.

(I probably screwed up the naming convention as I don’t know Linux but the info should be valid nonetheless)

That is exactly what I did and that is exactly what is happening. So I guess I need to share the HDD then set it up through a network share but I dont know how to share it.

Since you said you have Windows boxes your going to need to use SMB.

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Thank all of you and Darwin for your link that looks like exactly what I needed.

Although the other posts show you how to share the USB drive connected to the Pi, you could also just connect the USB drive to the WD NAS and share it from there, just like all your other files.

That is a great suggestion but unfortunately my drive is older and does not have a usb.