Usb install like raspbmc

hi guys can anyone tell me if it is possible to install osmc to a usb drive and sdcard like in raspbmc so its a bit faster than just running off just a sd card alone because osmc installer asks on the 3rd page where u would like to install osmc sd /usb nfs are the options and on the very last page it asks again where you would like to install osmc hope somebody can help many thanks

Yes, the third page wants to know what install type you wish to have. The last page wants to know which one is your sdcard, so it knows where to write the image. Though the performance differences between sd and USB installs is likely to be very small in OSMC.

thanks for the reply m8 how will the speed increase be very small is it because its still in alpha stage many thanks

Because OSMC is better optimized for the hardware than Raspbmc. Also, it can not be said that any usb stick will have better 4k r/w speed than any sd card, only benchmarking will answer that. The main reason that usb was better/faster than pure sd install previously was because until some months ago, sdcard firmware on the pi was flawed, creating r/w speed issues as well as sd corruption issues when overclocking. These issues have long since been resolved.

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