USB Install - Minimum SD-Card size

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using Raspbmc almost since it came out. I have a USB install and am happy with it.
The reason, I’m writing this post is that I used to boot the raspberry with a 256Mb SD-Card, and now with OSMC the installer fails to install in this same card. It looks as if the card is not big enough.
Do you think it’s possible to reduce the size of the partition so it fits a 256Mb card?

Best regards!

We rely on a 256MB Boot partition as the minimum as it now stores the initial files and is no longer downloaded on first boot.

You’ll be able to get away with a 512MB card, but not a 256MB card on a USB install

Thanks for your answer Sam!

speaking of this 256mb boot partion, is there any reason it cannot be downsized after osmc is installed and up and running to something like the raspbmc @70 mb? Reason I am asking is I installed osmc as a sd install on a 2gb sd card, and wanted that extraspace available