Usb install vs sdcard

Used to rum raspbmc with USB install, got lovely speed. However, would I increase speed if I use USB install with osmc aswell or does it handle the pi’s hardware good so no need with usb?

If you got a fast sdcard then you can better use that, I’ve had an usb install as well, but the newer sdcards are really fast!
Nowadays there is no corruption anymore when you overclock, that was the main purpose of using an usb install.

Dont know about super speed but class 10 transcend 16gb is my current sdcard

Got 2 transcend class 10 8GB cards, working perfectly :smile:

Awesome, so you wouldnt say any better performance with usb? :smile:

Unless you really have a fast USB3.0 stick… no :smile:

Haha actually I do, gonna try’em out to see myself. Do I still need SD card as boot? Or can the usb run solo nowdays?

sdcard will always be required for boot.

Cheers mate!

Actually a older SD card seems to work best. The faster Class 10 cards do not seem to be optimized for the way the PI read and writes to the SD. Quite a few threads on it.

Pls post them here :smile:

Most important is the 4k read/write performance when running Kodi.
Funny enough it seems many class 10 cards have worse performance than most class 4 cards when it comes to 4k read/write.
Personally I have two class 4 cards (NOOBS cards) that are a little bit faster than my Sandisk class 10 cards.

Do you have any list on which cards works best/worse?

And with a class 10 card as boot and usb 3.0 for os. Wouldn’t slow things down?

They are good. I recommend:

  • the NOOBS SD card from the Pi store
  • Our preloaded cards ( which are SanDisk Ultra Class 10 based and are (almost) as good as the NOOBS one


Yes, the Sandisk Ultra class 10 is the ones i have, and there is almost no difference compared to NOOBS on 4k.
When benchmarking there is a small difference (very small) but you cannot really notice the difference when running OSMC.

However, when transferring bigger files the Sandisk Ultra class 10 is better, so overall it might be better.

Is that a SDSDQUAN-008G-G4A? Went for a Sandisk Ultra class 10 myself but not really sure how it compares.

On the actual topic though, does anyone see a performance difference when browsing a larger library (between sd and usb install)?

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I don’t have the exact serial at hand I’m afraid.

That should be just fine for OSMC.


Seems my Transcend Ultimate 600x microSDHC isn’t bad either :smile:

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Dam, I should have got the SanDisk Extreme card.