USB installation

Hi I’m a completing newbie to this whole thing so the wiki pages and FAQ is not such a good help for me right now.

I’ve recently got my Raspberry Pi 2 and currently waiting on my sd card (I know I was stupid not to order it earlier). But reading through this forum I realised it’s possible to install osmc on a usb. So I went on the installer and installed everything on my USB and stuff. But when I plugged everything in, HDMI, mouse, keyboard, usb, pwoer etc, nothing really happens and the screen is not receiving any signals. I know I have an option to wait for my sd card but I just can’t haha Any idea what’s going on here?

You will always need a SD card for the Pi to boot from no matter if you are using a SD install, USB install or NFS install. The SD card is always required, so until you get your SD card you can’t use your Pi.

ah how depressing :frowning:

Thanks for the quick reply though!